BEIJING - A Chinese mainland spokesperson said here Wednesday that the mainland has always supported and protected Taiwan enterprises and Taiwan compatriots to invest on the mainland.Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, told a press conference that as the mainland continues to open up, Taiwan businessmen and companies, if they follows the economic progress of the mainland, would post better development."We are willing to share the development opportunities with our Taiwan compatriots, and deepen the cross-Straits communication and cooperation economically and culturally, to bring tangible benefits to Taiwan compatriots," Ma said.Ma said that the mainland continued to carry out preferential policies towards Taiwan compatriots living, working and studying on the mainland.The preferential policies are applied in cultural, financial, and social communication, among others, according to Ma.Ma also said the increased number of Taiwan students applying for mainland colleges showed that the development of the mainland and the opportunities it provides have become more and more appealing to Taiwan youngsters. go wristbands
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